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Ah, Korean Dramas. Known for their top-notch acting, original plotlines, and staunch commitment to making you bawl your eyes out.

While most of the credit for those reactions rely on the plot, it’s clear that the music plays an essential role in bringing out your emotions.

K-Drama wouldn’t be the same without their iconic OSTs, and for that reason, we bring you the top 10 best K-Drama OSTs.

Just be warned—you may need a handkerchief.

10. While You Were Sleeping.

The magical realism of this 2017 hit drama shines through the enchanting beauty of its soundtrack.

Bae Suzy’s I Love You Boy received critical acclaim, Henry’s It’s You is a fan-favorite, and Eddy Kim’s When A Long Night Comes is haunting in its loveliness. 



9. Secret Garden.

Body swapping may not be one of the most relatable experiences, but Secret Garden remains one of the most immersive K-dramas thanks to its incredible music.

You Are My Spring by Sung Si-Kyung, The Woman by Baek Ji Young, and Scars by Bois are some of the most iconic tracks in this OST.

8. A Korean Odyssey.

Hwayugi borrows concepts from Journey to the West and turned it into one of the most legendary K-Dramas ever produced. To match the perfection of this story, we have beautiful songs like BUMKEY’s When I Saw You and If You Were Me by JIMIN and Yoo Hwe Seung.


7. It’s Alright, This Is Love.

A progressive masterpiece, It’s Okay, That’s Love features a refreshing approach to mental health, and a soundtrack equally uplifting.

Some stand-out songs are CHEN’s Best Luck, and DAVICHI’s It’s Alright, It’s Love

6. Kill Me, Heal Me. 

Another drama centered on mental health, Kill Me, Heal Me received critical acclaim and went on to win multiple awards—including Best Original Soundtrack. 

Auditory Hallucination by Jang Jae-in, featuring NaShow is widely considered one of the best OST songs ever released.

5. Hotel Del Luna.

Ghosts and spectral beings dwell within the hotel, but it seems they also enjoy some hauntingly beautiful songs. 

Taeyeon’s All About You, Paul Kim’s So Long and Ben’s Can You Hear Me top the charts and every romantic K-Drama playlist.

4. Memories of the Alhambra.

Recorded in Spain and Korea, Memories of the Alhambra’s soundtrack is distinctively Korean, yet heavily features acoustic guitar sounds characteristic of Spanish music. 

The beautiful contrast makes for some truly unforgettable songs, like George’s Memories of the Alhambra and Yang Da-il’s I’m Here. 

3. Boys Over Flowers. 

Boys Over Flowers is the K-Drama, so its songs are nothing short of staples for every fan of the genre. 

SHINee’s Stand by Me is a happy tune that never fails to bring a smile to your face. Similarly, Because I’m Stupid by SS501 is as romantic as it is catchy.

2. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

Also known as Goblin, this K-drama is one of the highest-rated series in Korean history—and it has a soundtrack to match. 

From Heize’s Round and Round to Stay With Me by Chanyeol and Punch, the Goblin soundtrack is perfectly moody. 

1. Descendants of the Sun. 

A massive success domestically and abroad, Descendants of the Sun has an all-star soundtrack to match. 

While Chen and Punch’s Everytime stands out as a fan-favorite, DAVICHI’s This Love and Gummy’s You Are My Everything are equally beloved by fans and casuals alike.

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Leong Yeok Yun - February 10, 2021

For Korean Dramas I have watched , Descendants Of The Sun and My Lawyer , Mr Joe has the best soundtracks I have listened. You Are My Everything from Descendants Of The Sun (which almost reminds me of the emotional / farewell classical music – ‘Kiss The Rain’ and the sub-theme music from ‘The Dream Job’ – also released the same year as a channel 8 drama) is the most emotional (and one of my best) Korean listened music from the drama especially the english version of the music.

Aisha - October 8, 2020

when is schools 2015

Aisha - October 8, 2020

when is schools 2015

Aisha - October 8, 2020

when is schools 2015

Nikay - September 8, 2020

How ’bout the OSTs of CINDERELLA and the FOUR KNIGHTS ? :D

IOJoseph - August 6, 2020

thank you for your forum/blog

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Sabhyata - July 29, 2020

Umm…….u surely should have added strong women do bong soon and hwarang I can’t say itaewon class because this post is of 2019 and the song came out now but u should have added strong women hwarang and liar and his lover

AStarInaGalaxy - July 7, 2020

Where is Sweet Night of Itaewon Class? Kim Taehyung did not do hard work for nothing right??

AStarInaGalaxy - July 7, 2020

Where is Sweet Night of Itaewon Class? Kim Taehyung did not do hard work for nothing right??

Keren Pagdanganan - June 24, 2020

Scarlet heart should be here though.

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