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There is no denying it—the powerful vocal harmonies of group songs send shivers down our spines each time. However, solo songs have a unique type of charm.

Perhaps it’s the possibility of admiring the voice of one of our idols without having to share the spotlight or the joy of knowing they are relying solely on their individual talent to shine. 

Whatever it is, solos are magical.

And since we love to add a little bit of magic to your lives, check our Top 11 favorite K-Pop idol solos of all time. 

11. UN Village by BAEKHYUN

UN Village’s R&B-style and groovy beat really lets Baekyun’s voice and talent shine during this solo performance. The artistic MV with dark tones and black and white scenes really paints the picture for the essence of the song.

A romantic moment a couple shares under the moonlight of UN Village hill in Hannam-dong.


10. Gashina by SUNMI

SUNMI’s first solo song since the separation of Wonder Girls, Gashina is an ethnic-sounding synthpop anthem that exudes energy, confidence, and power. 

No wonder it became one of the best-selling songs worldwide during 2017!

9. The Best Luck by Chen

When we say Chen is the king of OSTs, you better believe it’s not an exaggeration. 

The Best Luck is continuously considered one of the best songs of the genre, and it received multiple accolades through 2014. 

8. SOLO by Jennie. 

SOLO is Jennie’s debut single features a unique sound that is equal parts seductive, mellow, and powerful.

Her vocals are in full display, the song is catchy, and we simply can’t get enough of it. 

7. Kontrol by Kim Sungkyu.

Part of Kim Sungkyu’s second solo mini-album, Kontrol features an energetic ballad and a catchy chorus, turning it into an emotional yet powerful song that pulls you in. 

The raw emotion of Kontrol turned it into a top-ten single, and a fan-favorite tune.


TAEMIN’s MOVE MV invented sexy. There, we said it. 

The song itself is equally seductive. Exuding raw sex appeal, a catchy tune, and an underground funk style, Move is a simple yet groovy tune that simply can’t get out of your head.

5. Bubble Pop! By Hyuna

We may be biased, but Bubble Pup! could be one of the catchiest songs ever released, and its music video made history by being the first K-Pop solo MV to reach 100 million views.

Everything about the song screams summertime and fun.

4. Crooked by G-Dragon. 

G-Dragon is K-pop royalty, and Crooked might just be the jewel in his crown. The powerful song has become nothing short of an anthem that embodies his rebellious, punk aesthetic. 

There is no other way to describe it—Crooked sounds like youth. 

3. Intro: Singularity by Kim Taehyung. 

The first track of Love Yourself: Tear, Singularity was released in the comeback trailer, and it became an instant hit amongst fans. 

The sultry, seductive song showcases V’s vocal prowess, as well as raw emotion and a sophisticated sound that simply does not age. 


2. Chicken Noodle Soup by J-Hope feat. Becky

A remake of a classic hit in the 2000s, J-Hope’s Chicken Noodle Soup featuring Becky G has reached a new level of cultural diversity - which is why music is so beautiful! This solo hit already on it’s way to reaching 100 millions views in the 1st week. 

***Shawn and Camila: We have the best collab

J-hope and Becky G: Hold my soda on the side**


1. EYES, NOSE, LIPS - Taeyang

Douglas Markowitz of Miami New Times stated that, "even if you can't understand the lyrics, you can feel the passion in his voice" And we couldn't agree more. Taeyang's EYES, NOSE, LIP is the pinnacle of a solo performance.

Receiving universal acclaim and winning numerous awards including:  Song of the Year in 2014 - EYES, NOSE, LIPS is the favorite K-POP IDOL solo!


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