POLL: Which role is your favorite?

POLL: Which role is your favorite?

POLL: Which role is your favorite?

Whenever a new K-Pop group debuts, one of the first things searched for are the group member's profiles. Where are they from? What's their zodiac sign? Even height and weight is looked at. And of course we all want to know: what role is each member responsible for? 

Recognizing the role of each group member can be crucial. This may aid K-Pop watchers to be familiar with who is who, but perhaps most importantly, help them choose a bias

Listed below are six typical roles each K-Pop group may have. At the end, let us know which role is YOUR favorite. 


Whether a member was chosen to lead the group because of age status or experience, much respect goes out to these individuals. G-Dragon, CL, Jo Kwon and Jea all ooze charisma and direction. #leaderpower


Maybe it's their deep voices or fierceness on stage... All we know is that rappers got swag. Special shout out to female rappers and their sexy confidence. 


Seriously, they always kill on stage. Giving their 110%, it's never too hard to pick out the dancer of the group. 



The soul of the group! This person's role is simple, impress everyone with their singing!



The visual is just as the title sounds. Eye candy is what others may call it. You can usually spot a visual at the front center during the chorus of their song, or any other parts of the song honestly. 


Last but not least, the MAKNAE

The maknae (youngest) of the group has a special place in people's hearts. They're cute, sweet, hardworking, and did I mention cute? 


Do you think there's an obvious winner? Or will they all be equal in popularity? Let's get to voting! 

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