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Helpful dieting tips from K-pop idols

Summer is approaching and if you're like me, you've been thinking about getting back into that diet game. Many of us tend to find inspirations from our idol's styles, hobbies, likes and lifestyle choices. If you've been needing that extra something to actually start on that diet of yours, keep reading 'cause this may be for you.

See what keeps some of our k-pop idols healthy and in shape!


Although South Korea's precious singer IU is already small and petite, she still manages her weight by dieting to stay slim. Her go to food? Apples. 

  • An apple is high in fiber and low in calories, containing vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. IU eats an apple at least once a day.

A Pink

A Pink member Eunji shared that her members would always be boiling eggs when they would return to their dorm in the morning after their schedules.

  • A single boiled egg contain a little bit of almost every nutrient we need while also being low in fat.


UEE demonstrated successful weight loss. She packs her lunch from home which helps her maintain her food proportions. Her lunch consists of rice, tofu or a salad that is seasoned with her secret ingredient: dried bonito flakes.

  • These Japanese flakes is a healthier option to season your food in comparison to salt. Not only is it taste-enhancing, it is also a great source of energy.

Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk has once lost 22 pounds with his strict dieting plan. He boils all his food rather than frying, and indulges in walnuts.

  • Walnuts are a perfect dieting snack as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibers that make you feel less hungry.

Seo In Young

Seo In Young lost 13 pounds in 4 weeks from her "banana diet". She would eat bananas to suppress her hunger in between meals.

  • Bananas are filled with enzymes that boost digestion and metabolism that aids in weight loss and it's rich source helps you feel satisfied. 

Park Bom

Park Bom's dieting regime consisted of eating all three meals and snacking twice in a day. Her significant weight loss between 2NE1's comebacks brought spotlight to her "all lettuce diet".

  • Lettuce helps flush out fluids and fats for faster weight loss.


SNSD maknae Seohyun is known for her obsession with sweet potatoes. Yes they're sweet, but they also make a great dieting food.

  • Sweet potatoes are high-fiber foods that help control hunger. It makes you feel fuller longer and are also high in antioxidants. 

Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye has a low-fat meal plan comprising of typical diet foods like chicken breasts and tofu. However, she adds a particular item in every meal: kimchi.

  • "If a person eats some kimchi with every one of their meals, it's possible for them to lose 11 pounds in a single month" - a professor from Seoul Health College. Kimchi is not only low in calories, but it also has certain ingredients that speeds up metabolism.

Regardless of certain foods or tactics that can help in a successful diet plan, it is agreed that one's mindset is most important

It's all about controlling what you eat guys! Hopefully some of these dieting tips from our idols can be of help to get that perfect summer look!

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