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K-pop Zodiac Series: Cancer

K-pop Zodiac Series: Cancer

You may know what zodiac sign you were born in, but have you ever wondered which K-pop stars share the same sign as you? Well we are quickly approaching the date range of the zodiac sign Cancer. If this is you or one of your favorite k-pop idols, stay tuned.

Let me break it down for ya

Cancers are nurturers, known to be noble and can be quite sensitive. They love the comfort of their homes and are family oriented. They may be more challenging to get to know compared to other zodiac signs (like a crab hiding in its shell), but once you do get to know them better you will see how sentimental and devoted they are.

K-pop idols who are also Cancers

miss A - Min
2PM - Nichkhun
Girls' Generation - Seohyun
SHINee - Taemin
A Pink - Hayoung
Block B - Kyung
Super Junior - Heechul & Leeteuk
B2ST - Doojoon

Cancer signs are most compatible with TaurusVirgo, Scorpio, and Pisces signs

like . . .

Taurus: Big Bang's Taeyang
Virgo: f(x)'s Amber
Scorpio: Teen Top's C.A.P
Pisces: 2NE1's CL

As a Gemini... I'm a tad bit jealous

Speaking of signs, represent with this awesome Korea Taeguk sign tee!

Get it here!

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