Skin care tips from 8 K-pop idols

Skin care tips from 8 K-pop idols

Skin care tips from 8 K-pop idols

Been having troubles with your skin these days? Or do you need a little pick-me-up from your favorite K-pop idols to get that skin regime going? No worries, because here are skin care tips from 8 K-pop stars.

1. YoonA

There's no denying that Girl's Generation's YoonA has skin that seems to glow 24/7. There's no better mascot as she models for a Korean skin care brand below.

Enough sleep and consistent cleansing of the skin

  • For YoonA, she realizes the importance of sleep above anything else. Getting enough sleep will allow our skin cells to regenerate properly. 
  • She also expresses that cleaning your skin regularly is key. That means making your efforts to keep up with a skin care routine, a habit. Think of it as dieting, there has to be consistency! 

2. Sandara Park

Deemed as having a forever youthful face, 2NE1's Dara has the perfect skin to showcase cosmetics.

Water, water, water

  • Dara's first tip seems too simple, but it's too true to ignore. She drinks more than 8 cups in a day arguing that keeping your body hydrated will ultimately keep your skin hydrated.
  • Since she wears heavy makeup for performances, Dara gives her face a cleanse twice, one with cleansing cream and then the next with foam.

3. Song Joong-ki

Look at that clear skin!!!

Wash your face with milk

  • You know that term milky white skin? That's literally what Joong-Ki has and does. He washes his face with milk every night to lighten his skin and keep it smooth and soft.

4. Suzy

Lovely Suzy from miss A revealed a tip that went viral in South Korea. Check out this video that was made describing her routine.

424 Cleansing Method

  • Pretty much, you rub cleansing oil on your face for 4 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of foaming cleanser, then you finish off with rinsing for 4 more minutes.
  • Her routine allows you to remove impurities on your face while massaging your face.
  • When you're done, lightly pat your face dry.

5. Goo Hara

KARA's Hara tweeted her simple yet essential skin tip.

You guessed it! Cucumbers

  • She tweeted, "When your skin becomes dry, try getting a cucumber facial."
  • Cucumbers are a source of several compounds that fight aging and helps your skin retain moisture.

 6. Jessica Jung

Jessica was ranked on the 100 most beautiful faces list of 2012. As she also mentioned tips like keeping a habit of washing your face by the end of the day and keeping your face constantly moisturized, there was one key element she said to keep a habit of.


  • Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVS and UVB rays with an SPF of 30 or higher, even when you're stepping out just for a moment!
  • It's a critical form of defense against skin cancer.

7. Sunhwa

SECRET's Sunhwa is famous for having baby soft and pale skin.

Bean powder

  • Mix bean powder with milk to create a natural mask for your skin.
  • Bean powder helps exfoliate dead cells and drives out dirt clogged deep within skin pores.

8. Daesung

Yes, Big Bang's Daesung has some beauty tips as well!

Things to keep in mind when cleansing face

  • Most people seem to miss this, but wash your hands thoroughly before washing your face. 
  • Rub soap gently on face in a counterclockwise direction with your hands.
  • Don't spray water directly to your face while showering, rather clean your face with soft flowing water.
  • "Act like you're filming a shower scene in a movie."


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