Seoul Street Style: The Casual Look!

Seoul Street Style: The Casual Look!

Seoul Street Style: The Casual Look!

Welcome to Seoul Street Style! Where we show you the fashion of normal, everyday people of Seoul. There's a lot of trendsetters here, they probably dress much better than the rest of us!

But don't worry! We're here to give you inspiration so you can go out there and unleash the inner fashionista in you!


Hwaiting / Fighting!

This week we're going to look at people who own the casual look and check out some amazing #OOTD's!

When pulling off the casual day-to-day look the saying less is more goes a long way. Whether you're on a day-date, strolling through the city, or getting lunch with friends, the off-duty outfits these Seoulites wear will give you waves of fashion inspiration!

Now lets check out a few pics below!

Seoul Street Style: The Casual Look

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You can't go wrong with a black & white color scheme. This guy's outfit is very hip-hop with a backward snapback, jogger sweatpants, and a black track jacket. The Beats by Dre adds as a nice accessory because you know he's definitely listening to K-Pop =)

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We love her look! The oversized crew sweater with the American flag color Rolling Stones' logo makes her even MORE cute than she already is! Not to mention her ripped up jeans with those baby blue Air Jordan 11 Lows. Any sneaker-head would go crazy over her! 


Thirsty for more? 

We're just getting warmed up! 


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This girl's outfit in on point! Her collar shirt layered underneath her graphic sweater adds a unique touch. We really the love contrast between her white skirt and black sweater. Not to mention those high-top Reebok classic sneakers! And a snapback to pull the whole outfit together! 


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Let's take a step back from all this swag and go a little business casual. This guy's look is the perfect professional, mature, and stylish at the same time look. Black and grey colors ALWAYS go well together. The collared shirt and tie with a cardigan sweaters is the epitome of business casual. The little details that really pull this outfit together are his penny loafer shoes with exposed ankles. Well done sir!

Now it's time to rip off those old clothes of yours...

And put on your new swagtastic clothes because you're on your way to become a full-time fashionista!






Last but definitely least:

Now this outfit takes the cake! Notice how his see-through pants showcases his black underwear. Which also goes well with his white shirt and black sneakers! Score: 10/10 - You just won the fashion game.



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