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15 English fails on T-shirts!

In Asia, speaking English is a fashionable trait that people take a lot of pride in. Unfortunately or fortunately (depending on your perspective), there's often a language breakdown. In this post, we'll share with you 15 English fails on T-shirts. Let the hilarity ensue!

1. Hot Erotic Dreams


2. I'm So F*cking FUTURE

3. I Can Be Sh*t, Mama

4. Which classes are you taking?


5. Free = Free DAMN IT!

6. HIGH* School?

7. What Parties?

8. Home is where the heart is

 9. If you're happy and you know it...

10. What Technique?

11. Something seems a bit off

12. Moral of the story

 13. Stay in school kids!

14. This is very wrong + why is this made in kid's size?


15. Take good care


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