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Taking the perfect Instagram photo is hard. Amidst the Rule of Thirds, careful managing of lighting and creative use of perspectives, we must not forget the importance of colors, backgrounds, and the negative space.

Luckily, Korea is a paradise for Instagram photos—whether you seek flourishing nature, rich culture, bright colors, pastel delights, modern city landscapes or beautiful food, Korea seemingly has the perfect spots for it all.

Come check them out.


1. Common Ground. 

Common Ground is a modern and chic shopping mall, build exclusively out of shipping containers.

Its innovative design and vibrant blue exterior make it a favorite Instagram spot amongst locals and visitors, as it provides a refreshing contrast and a fresh, industrial-like atmosphere.


2. Bukchon Hanok Village. 

Visiting Bukchon Hanok Village is taking a journey to the past. Consisting of hundreds of hanoks—the traditional Korean house—this delightful neighbor will display the beauty of the country’s architectural style in a picture-perfect shot.

Walking down the narrow streets with the Korean sunset in the background is a memory you’ll want to treasure forever.




3. Changdeokgung Palace’s Garden. 

While Changdeokgung Palace’s splendor is endless, its gardens provide an enchanting scene of their own.

It’s a sight for every season. Its lush greenery during summer is enviable, visiting them in autumn will provide a scene full of oranges and browns, while winter turns it into a Korean-made wonderland, and spring displays the pale pinks of cherry blossoms.


4. Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village.


If you are a fan of bright colors, whimsical cuteness, and magical scenes, Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village is a must-visit.

With vibrant walls and a saccharine ambiance, this small village will provide a world of photographic possibilities. The yellow umbrellas, rainbow-colored stairs, and Disney-themed murals are fan-favorites, so make sure not to miss them.


5. Yongma Land.


It turns out, abandoned theme parks make fantastic photographic havens.

After closing down in 2011, Yongma Land found a second life as a favorite spot for photos, videos, and events. The park is popular with Instagrammers seeking a spooky-like ambiance, but it’s also well-known as the place to visit if you want an amusement park shot—particularly, without people.


6. Bistopping Ice Cream Shop.

If you are a foodie, or if you really enjoy photos of beautiful food, you cannot miss out Bistopping.

A long-time favorite, this ice cream shop allows you to customize the design of your cone from scratch, allowing for enchanting results. Pick the embellishment that suits your aesthetic the most, and take a photo to display it to the world.


7. The Garden of Morning Calm.

A fairytale garden in real life, this beautiful location is bound to be the delight of nature fans—and the hotspot for outdoor shots.

With a size of 30,000 m2, the Garden of Morning Calm features 20 themed sections and over 5,000 different plants and flowers, allowing for wildly contrasting photographs in the same space.


8. Stylenanda Pink Hotel.

Perhaps one of the most trendy fashion & make up shops in Korea, this location is a must visit for all pink fans.

The structure is composed of six floors, each of them an aesthetic heaven for those that love pastel things. Fan-favorites include the rose bathtub, the Pink Pool Café, and its equally instagrammable drinks.

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