7 Things You Should Do To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

7 Things You Should Do To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

7 Things You Should Do To Make Your Clothes Last Longer

1. Use thick rounded hangers

Thin wired hangers are your worst enemy. They don't have the proper support for your clothes, causing stretching and sometimes even tearing. Invest in thick wooden hangers.


2.  Wash your clothes less frequently

Most of us are guilty of over-washing our clothes. Every time you decide to take your clothes out for a spin, they fade in color. If you're worried about smell, proper hygiene can save you in that department. All we're saying is, try not to over-wash. Your clothes and your wallet will thank you.


3. Wash stains as fast as you can

Time is your biggest enemy here. The faster you cater to the stain, the better your chances of removing it. And the longer you wait, the harder it will be.

4. Flip your clothes inside out before washing

For jeans and any clothing with color, the best way to preserve them is to flip them inside out before washing them. Fabrics rub against each other in the machine — causing them to fade over time.


5. Learn simple sewing

Don't throw out your clothes or pay a premium for getting someone else to fix your clothes for you. Basic sewing skills will save you money and prevent headaches in the long run.


6. Steam over iron

Steaming is superior to ironing in almost every way. It's gentler on fabrics and even allows you to reach places a traditional iron can't. It also sanitizes, and can remove odors.


7. Hang dry if you can

Dryers are notorious for shrinking your clothes. Avoid this by hang drying your clothes for a free eco-friendly dry. It'll even save you some money on your electricity bill.


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