How The SHOP’s Reward System Works + How To Get Free Stuff!

How The SHOP’s Reward System Works + How To Get Free Stuff!

How The SHOP’s Reward System Works + How To Get Free Stuff!

For 2016, along with our shop renovations, we added a couple of new exciting features to the site. For starters, we lowered prices on all of our gear while increasing quality across the board. Second, we added a new reward system, designed to make sure our customers got the most out of their experience with us — allkpop THE SHOP. That's how the AKP Loyalty Point system was born!

Our new AKP Loyalty Point system was created with you guys in mind, and was designed to reward all of our dedicated customers and readers. How does it work? Well, its simple. You gain points — and then you spend them!


How do I gain points?

Gaining AKP Loyalty Points is easy. You are rewarded for almost any action you take on our shop. Every dollar you spend nets you 5 points. If you visit our shop at least once a week you gain 25 points. And the best part is, you are granted a whopping 500 points just for signing up (limited time relaunch offer)!


Okay, so everything up to "Refer A Friend" is pretty self explanatory. How does "Refer A Friend" work?

Its simple. Every time a friend makes a purchase of $30 or more using your link, you gain 500 points. And for your friends that use the link, they'll also receive a $5 off coupon for their first purchase! Everyone wins :)


How do I get started on "Refer A Friend"?

To get started, click on your AKP points located on the top right of the shop. Once clicked, you'll see this.

Next, click on "Refer friends." From here, you can share your link through Twitter, Facebook, or Email. You can also copy the direct link and give it to anyone.


I have points now. Can I get free stuff?

Yes you can! So now that you have points, it's time to spend! With your points, you can redeem vouchers worth up to $30 for your next purchase!



 What are you waiting for? Start racking up your points!