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How To Be Comfortably Stylish In Crews As Shown By Idols

How To Be Comfortably Stylish In Crews As Shown By Idols

Crew sweatshirts have been extremely trendy for the past couple years, and judging from their increasing popularity each year, it seems the trend is likely here to stay — and we're not complaining.

Why are crews so popular?

1. They're Comfortable

Well for one, they're incredibly comfortable. Going through your day while wearing a crew sweatshirt is the best thing ever. It's like snuggling with a soft blanket all day.

2. Simple

They're simple. There's very little effort required to wear one. You just simply wear it! Add a lot of these to your wardrobe closet and all of a sudden, bam! — it's just that much easier to get dressed each morning. 

3. Versatile

Wear them large, wear them tight — there's no "right" way to wear them. 

4. They look great!

And of course, they look awesome. With streetwear on the rise, the current trends cater to the crew sweatshirts with awesome graphics and designs, making it one of the trendiest, most comfortable looks you can pull off with minimal effort.



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