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The Top 10 Most Viewed 2NE1 Videos As Of Today

The Top 10 Most Viewed 2NE1 Videos As Of Today

10. I Don't Care - 29.7 million views

This music video for "I Don't Care" shows the members going to a fortune teller for advice after being blown off by their cheating boyfriends. They make the boys pay, wreaking havoc and leaving a message saying "I don't care."

9. Can't Nobody - 31 million views

The video for "Can't Nobody" is a fun, space themed music video where the girls go wild, showcasing their awesome dance skills to the upbeat, energetic music.

8. Don't Stop The Music - 33.7 million views

"Don't Stop The Music" is another fun, catchy, upbeat song that was used to promote for the Yamaha Fiore motorcycle. A special shout-out to the Lego stage that was used to film this MV.

7. Go Away - 35 million views

"Go Away" is an emotional music video of C.L getting her heart broken by her boyfriend. The music video concludes with an unexpected twist — and ends with an explosion.

6. Fire (Space Ver.) - 41 million views

"Fire" was the debut single by 2NE1. Shortly after it was released, it dominated the charts, eventually winning multiple awards. This track is definitely one of the classics that will remind us why 2NE1 may be one of the best in the industry.

5. Falling In Love - 43 million views

"Falling In Love" incorporates elements of reggae, electronic, and hip hop — a rare, delicate balance that finds its way into our hearts. Definitely a track worth checking out if you have't already.

4. Come Back Home - 47 million views

"Come Back Home" is set in a futuristic world where people prefer the virtual world over the real world because of the hardships that life brings. An awesome concept created with breathtaking production. 

3. Lonely - 51 million views

"Lonely" is a sad, mellow song filled with emotions as the girls pour out their hearts with their amazing vocals. For acoustic lovers, this song may be for you.

2. I Love You - 52.6 million views

"I Love You" incorporates awesome vocals that combines the best elements of present day pop to create this modern track that will leave you breathless. 

1. I Am The Best - 143 million views

"I Am The Best" is an electronic hip hop track similar to 2NE1's debut single "Fire." Currently this track has an astonishing 143 million views and undoubtedly takes the number 1 spot on this list. 


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