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10 Fashionable Maknaes That We Have Come To Adore

10 Fashionable Maknaes That We Have Come To Adore

We love our maknaes. As the youngest in their respective groups, maknaes usually try to prove themselves, to show that they are just as capable as their older members. However, many maknaes have become the favorites of many fans, making us realize that age is nothing but a number! Whether it be vocal skills, performance talents, or awesome visuals — maknaes have it all.  

Check out these 10 fashionable maknaes that we have come to adore, starting with Krystal from f(x)!

10. f(x) - Krystal

9. B.A.P - Zelo

8. BTS - Jungkook

7. EXO - Sehun

6. B2ST - Dongwoon

5. Big Bang - Seungri

4. miss A - Suzy

3. Girls' Generation - Seohyun

2. SHINee - Taemin

1. Super Junior - Kyuhyun


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Danuta - June 25, 2017

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Laura Dragon - February 22, 2016

DongWoon ♥

Laura Dragon - February 22, 2016

SeungRi <3

Elite Minority - February 22, 2016

Where the hell is TVXQ’s Changmin??? He may be old, but he still being a maknae. Also… Where is JYJ´s XIA Junsu??? He is so cute and adorable, also a fashioniable maknae.
Sorry for my english, I’m not a english speaker, I’m a Chilean who is supposed to know english.

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