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Lookbook: G-Dragon's Music Video "Crayon"

Lookbook: G-Dragon's Music Video "Crayon"

G-Dragon is known for his wacky, abstract concepts, and his music video for "Crayon" is no different. Using a multitude of vibrant colors and odd costumes to illustrate his carefree attitude, GD hits the spot once again with his awesome yet unsurprisingly, unpredictable music video.

The music video can be interpreted in many ways but we're not here to argue, so we'll leave the detective work up to you guys, the fans. But one thing that we can all agree on is that he definitely wanted to relay a message to some of his fans, more specifically, his haters.  "Why so serious?"

Let's relive this classic music video once again to remind ourselves why GD will always be number 1 in our book.


Now, Get Your Cray-On!


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