American fashion designer Rachel Zoe famously said that style is “a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

And if you love K-pop, there is no shame in letting the world know. With bombastic shirts.

If you don’t know where to start, check these shirt ideas that will make your presence speak louder than any words. Or playlist.

1. Celebrate Baekhyun’s success with this “UN Village” shirt.

EXO keeps doing it! In July, Baekhyun’s mini-album “City Lights” broke the Goan Chart’s record of the highest monthly sales by a solo artist.

This overwhelming success is partially thanks to his mind-blowing debut song “UN Village”, so it’s only appropriate you enjoy the celebration with a stylish shirt that displays your pride and fashion sense.

2. Share with the world the true meaning of purple.

Those that keep believing purple is just a color are missing out. For ARMYs, purple means love, trust, and loyalty.

Spread V’s wisdom with family and friends by proudly displaying this meaningful shirt. That way, you will never forget to tell those close to you that you purple them.

3. They keep talkin’? You keep walkin’ with this empowering shirt. 

Oh, Elsa. Your reign as the ultimate ice queen is over.

Display an ice-cool attitude that’d make the ITZY girls proud with this ICY shirt. Not only it’s a gorgeous fashion statement, but also a reminder to walk ahead with pride and confidence.

4. Keep everyone guessing WHO DO U LOVE. 

Don’t be mean, he can’t take the pressure anymore.

While we may never know who do you love, we are confident your affections lie with MONSTA X. If that’s so, you are going to adore this shirt.

Just don’t blame us if you can’t take the song out of your head.

5. Hungry for some ssam? I sure am!

My friends, Korean BBQ is the stuff of legends. And if you don’t agree, odds are you haven’t had ssam, the quintessential Korean meat wrap.

And, if this shirt is to be believed, also a blessing.

You are free to buy this shirt, but be warned—looking at it might make you hungry.

6. See TXT in your dreams with this Nap of a Star hoodie.

With “Nap of a Star”, TXT cemented what we already knew—they’re on the path of greatness.

This original song and magical MV invite you to the world of dreams, where you can meet the one you love the most… And not going to lie, this hoodie seems comfortable enough to nap like a star.

7. With this shirt, family and friends can’t say you didn’t warn them.

If we had been warned, we wouldn’t be so deep down the rabbit hole.

While we do not regret loving Kpop as much as we do, giving a fair warning to parents seems like a good idea. With this witty shirt, folks everywhere will be aware of the dangers of this music. 

8. BTS may be on vacation, but that doesn't mean your fashion has to be! 

Let's just take a moment and appreciate BTS V aka Taehyung for dropping this beautiful song and MV before heading off for a well-needed vacation. 

The spray-paint graffiti style concept for this design looks like a mural of Taehyung that you can wear! With his beautiful lyrics in the background. I Purple U! 




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