BTS 'MV' Fashion Styles We Love!

BTS 'MV' Fashion Styles We Love!

BTS 'MV' Fashion Styles We Love!

With retro fashion being the latest fad, here are some ways BTS rocked the vintage look. 

From trendy denim, hip camo and colorful hairdos, let's take a closer look at how 'old-fashion' became the newest sensation within K-Pop.  Ready to travel back in time?

  • "DNA" concept

Paving the way to stardom since releasing 'Love Yourself: Her', BTS grabbed the attention of fans with their retro concept.  Their MVs, well known for vibrant imagery (as depicted in "Blood, Sweat, Tears") and stunning cinematography, the members were poppin' in striped shirts, denim pants, jean jackets, sports apparel, and sneakers.

  • Funky hairstyles

Korean fashion in the 90s wasn't as pronounced like it is today, as many opted for a more natural/conservative look.  Wearing plain t-shirts, solid colors, bell-bottoms, baggy jeans (if people still recall), denim overalls, darker hues, and platform shoes! Instead, many expressed themselves by getting highlights and dying their hair in multi-colors.  And BTS was no exception to that with their rainbow-colored hairstyles.

  • Airport fashion

Becoming global stars, the members can often be spotted at the airport, illustrating their unique fashion sense.  Turning the facility into a fashion runway! Definitely pure eye candy for ARMYs alike.

  • "Fire" and "Not Today" concepts


Both "Not Today" and "Fire" MVs contained nostalgic themes as well.  Especially the scene where V is aggressively playing retro games on a Super Nintendo plugged into an analog television set. Ah, the good ol' days.

  • Stage Performances


There's another thing BTS does well and that is giving an explosive stage performance.  The Bangtan Boys attracted thousands toward the stage (and the screen) making their American television debut,  old school style, in addition to their "Go Go" performance.  They definitely know how to represent with class!

  • Remake of Seo Taiji's "Come Back Home"

Seo Taiji and Boys who started the whole K-Pop craze turned the tables within the entertainment industry during the 90s.  To celebrate Seo Taiji's 25th anniversary, BTS had the privilege to collaborate with the 'Father of K-Pop' for "Come Back Home", paying homage to one who started it all.  How epic is that!


  • "MIC Drop"

"MIC Drop" was another hit track as Steve Aoki's remix went viral upon release.  BTS focused on the vintage look wearing camo prints, bomber jackets, headbands, and sports apparel.


Just in time for summer! BTS's new comeback "FAKE LOVE" shows that light denim is in! Rockin' double-denim fashion can be extremely tricky. But with the right color denim and a tee shirt, it can be the perfect summer look. Also by adding a flannel button down wrapped around your waist - you can add a little flare to your outfit. 

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