How to pull off the trendy Oversized fit look

How to pull off the trendy Oversized fit look

How to pull off the trendy Oversized fit look

Wearing oversized clothing has been a longstanding trend in Korean fashion for a while. But actually pulling it off can be tough. Here are three tips to help you begin to master the oversize look.


1) Make sure you pair it up right.

It's important when you're going for the oversized look, you're not completely losing your natural frame. Pairing an oversize top with something like harem pants, trousers, or anything too baggy can completely drown your frame so that it looks like you're wearing an enormous one-piece. Instead, opt for some skinny jeans or anything a little tighter to the skin so that the fit contrast is there.


2) Pick and layer to define your unique style.

Make sure when you're trying the oversized look, or for any look for that matter, you're doing something that feels right to you. Whether that's buying clothes from your favorite brand or choosing a color palette that best fits your style, it's important you do something that makes you comfortable and natural. The model below finds his groove by opting to tuck in his sweater. In addition, the yellow stripes give him a unique pop to his all-black style.

That said, layering oversized clothing is a must in oversized fashion. The female model below does a great job creating a simple but cool style by tucking in her oversized white top and finishing it off with an oversized coat.


3) Accessorize.

Wearing an oversized top with a plain pair of tailored pants may be a cool aesthetic the first couple of times it's done, but it can get a little boring, too. In order to infuse some flair into your style, accessorizing is a must. Be careful of not going too crazy with accessories at the same time; too much can detract attention from the main course, which should be your outfit.

Rings, necklaces, watches, earrings, and dad caps are all good examples of accessories that can amplify your look. Pick and choose what goes well. For example, in the picture above, the model goes for a simplistic black-and-white oversized block tee. To finish it off, he wears a neat black-and-white watch which compliments his tee and shoes, bolstering his overall style.


We encourage you to try the oversized look using some of the clothes being sold in our very own shop! Try buying up one or two sizes higher from your normal size for an oversized look.