Ranking BTS songs is complicated by itself—they are all masterpieces, after all. However, doing so with solo songs is particularly poignant. 

All members pour their talent, love, and creativity into these songs, and they are all valuable in their own way. But for now, we have the task to rank them.

Curious? Take a look at our Top 10 favorite BTS solos!

10. Serendipity by Jimin. 

Jimin’s solo track in Love Yourself: Her showcases the sweet and gentle pitch of his voice. 

Soothing and calming, it’s impossible not to feel light and joyous whenever you listen to this dreamy jewel. 



9. Euphoria by Jungkook. 

Some songs sound like happiness condensed in a few minutes, and Jungkook’s Euphoria is one of those.

Uncomplicated, joyful, and catchy, Euphoria displays some of Jungkook’s best vocals, and it’s a certified earworm!


8. Stigma by V. 

Quiet and soulful, Stigma is not a loud pop track. 


It is, instead, a thoughtful and melancholic masterpiece. It invites you to feel the deep emotions of its lyrics through Taehyung’s hypnotizing vocals, and it does not require flashy visuals to be perfect.


7. Epiphany by Jin. 

Epiphany has brought many an ARMY to tears, and it’s not a surprise—the lyrics are deep, impactful, and incredibly sweet. 

An anthem to self-love and self-esteem, Jin tries to induce the titular epiphany into the listener—love yourself. No wonder it was released as a comeback trailer!


6. Daydream by J-Hope. 

Upbeat and bright, Daydream invites you to see what J-Hope is all about—fun, colorful, and creative. 

With a ridiculously happy video to match the joy of the lyrics, it’s impossible not to smile like a fool through the song, before hitting repeat

5. Forever Rain by RM.

Namjoon’s Forever Rain is not a usual K-pop song. It is, instead, something akin to a sung poem. 

Deeply personal and intimate, Forever Rain discusses mental health and depression, turning the overwhelming melancholy of the composition into nothing short of a piece of art.

4. Begin by Jungkook.

The melody is incredible, the choreography is mindblowing, and Jungkook’s vocals are otherworldly. However, the real strength of Begin is the beauty of its lyrics. 

As the youngest member of BTS, we can’t help but believe the song is about his personal growth and the bond he shares with the rest of the members. 

3. Trivia : Seesaw by Suga. 

Mellow and relaxed, Seesaw is a synth-heavy track that remains chill, yet displays raw emotions through the lyrics and Yoongi’s incredible performance.

Describing the end of a relationship, the song is both meaningful and a perfect chance to showcase Suga’s vocal talents beyond rapping. 

2. Singularity by V.

Subdued and quiet, this R&B track features Taehyung’s most seductive vocals to date.

The rhythm is elegant, classic, and incredibly sultry, the dance is as enchanting as it can be, and the lyrics mirror the Greek myth of Narcissus. Overall, a piece of art. 


1. Lie by Jimin. 

Lie is a unique song in many ways. Haunting and dark, the lyrics describe a hopeless, bleak situation that is left purposefully vague. 

The melody starts with grandiose strings that give a sense of baroque darkness, before melting into a modern, yet still ghostly and thrilling track, matched by truly mind-blowing vocals.

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