Style Off: Big Bang vs 2NE1 Hairstyles

Style Off: Big Bang vs 2NE1 Hairstyles

Big Bang
 and 2NE1: they are notably one of the most successful male and female k-pop groups, respectively. There is no denying that they are also deemed as fashion icons globally, always offering something new and daring to the music scene.

Now for those who know both or either one of these groups, it is understood that their styles, more specifically their hairstyles, has gone through several phases. Being from the same record label agency, YG Entertainment, many dubbed 2NE1 as the female version of Big Bang and the similarities between the two are obvious.

As both groups have rocked unique and sometimes outright crazy hair-dos, these looks definitely overlap. If we compared the two side by side, is there a winner to who pulled off the style better? This is allkpopTHESHOP's Style Off: Big Bang vs 2NE1 Hairstyles.

As we reminisce through their various hair transitions, get ready to vote on who pulled off the style better.

We'll start with something easy... Literally every member from both Big Bang and 2NE1 have rocked this color.


Bright red?

The side-shaved look, with different colors


Regardless, thank you Big Bang and 2NE1 for always keeping it interesting!



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