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13 Fashion Kings Of The Korean Hip Hop Scene

13 Fashion Kings Of The Korean Hip Hop Scene

Hip Hop or urban wear, also known as streetwear, has been a growing trend not only in South Korea but all around the world. While streetwear has been on a rise, so has the Korean hip-hop scene a genre that has always lagged behind K-Pop. And with the rise, hip hop artists such as Bumkey, Verbal Jint, and Epik High have been becoming more and more mainstream these days a sign that hip hop is becoming accepted by the general public.

Even though the music is the main focus of most artists, there are quite a few that have learned how to combine the strengths of great music with stunning visuals creating some of the best hip hop we have ever experienced.


Jay Park

 G-Dragon & T.O.P


 Simon D



Zion. T

San E

Verbal Jint

Mad Clown

Dynamic Duo

Epik High

Tiger JK



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