Beenzino in NYC: How To Be Effortlessly Stylish

Beenzino in NYC: How To Be Effortlessly Stylish

Beenzino in NYC: How To Be Effortlessly Stylish


We were lucky enough to catch Beenzino during his U.S. tour at Circle Nightclub in NYC last month. He gave us a night to remember  performing hit tracks such as “Dali Van Picasso” and even rapping his part for “Born Hater.”

Beenzino’s stage was no joke he took over the night with his empowering stage presence. However, it seems Beenzino’s biggest strength lies in how effortless he makes everything look.

For starters, Beenzino is a natural performer. You can tell that he feels comfortable on stage, in front of all his fans. However, we want to give most of the credit for his “effortlessness” to his fashion sense.

Beenzino wore 2 different outfits for his NYC performance. His first set: a blue hoodie with a black cap. 

His second set: a simple tee with a black beanie.

The minimalistic, effortless style seems to be Beenzino’s trademark look. One of Beenzino’s favorite top of choice is the crew sweatshirt. Its simple, yet versatile and can be worn in almost any occasion.

Another favorite of Beenzino's — the plain tee. The simplicity of a plain tee can be often overlooked, but will always be trendy if worn properly. Beenzino supplements his look with a necklace, a ring, and a bracelet. These minor additions are what gives it life, turning his seemingly simple outfit into a clean, trendy one.

The perfectly effortless look. All you need is a tee, crew, or a hoodie.


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