Welcome to the NEW allkpop THE SHOP!

Welcome to the NEW allkpop THE SHOP!

Welcome to the NEW allkpop THE SHOP!

We are very excited to welcome you to the new and improved allkpop THE SHOP! First and foremost, we want to thank our loyal readers and customers for their patience while THE SHOP was down for renovations.

So, where do we begin?

  • Pricing

Since our grand opening in March 2015, we've learned a great deal of things from our customers. We've been carefully listening to your concerns, suggestions, and complaints. Our first priority was working on lowering our prices while improving our quality - and that's exactly what we've done. All of our Tees and Tanks are now an affordable $15 and our Hoodies and Crews are $30.

In order to achieve this, we brought all of our manufacturing in-house in order to lower our costs, create higher quality prints, provide exceptional customer service and quicker fulfillment of orders.


  • Quality 

You can expect the same high quality tees, tanks, hoodies and crews, only now with higher quality prints. In addition, all of our apparel is now made-to-order. When we receive your order, we specifically print the item for YOU, hot off the press. We take great pride and joy in handling your new allkpop THE SHOP merchandise and with this new level of control, we can ensure a perfect product with no defects. We have also added additional color options, and more are soon to come! We're also improving our packaging and will be including some goodies.


  • AKP Loyalty Points

You might have noticed the menu option on the top of your screen that says 'AKP Points'. Once you decide to a buy an allkpop THE SHOP item, chances are you're going to come back and buy more! Not only because of our commitment to quality and service, but because you will now be earning Loyalty Points. Many of our customers are already repeat buyers and we believe loyal customers should be rewarded! You can use these points for free gifts and discounts. Below is a quick overview, but make sure to click the tab to see all of the ways you can earn and spend your points!

Ways to Earn:
  • Every $1 spent = 5 points
  • Sign up bonus = 500 points
  • Refer a friend who purchases $30 or more = 500 points
  • Weekly visit to the shop = 25 points
Ways to Spend:
  • 500 points = $5 voucher
  • 1500 points = $15 voucher
  • 3000 points = $30 voucher
  • Various free gifts


  • Free Gifts (while supplies last) 

Many of our readers have entered into allkpop giveaway's for autographed albums or posters but always come up short because so many people enter. Not this time. We will be doing various Free Gift promotions every now and then where if you spend a certain amount - we'll give you a free gift! For instance, some of the gift ideas we currently have are: autographed albums including, GOT7, Big Bang, 2PM, Girl's Day, Minah, B.A.P, BTS, Girls' Generation, and much much more!


We would like to thank you all for being loyal customers and for our new customers, we hope you give us a try. We promise to continue our commitment of producing high quality products and providing great customer service!