13 K-Pop Fashion Kill-Heel Killers

13 K-Pop Fashion Kill-Heel Killers

13 K-Pop Fashion Kill-Heel Killers

For those who don’t know about kill heel fashion, it is Korea’s version of stripper heels in America. Kill heels are basically the heels that are above 4 inches and walking in them seems almost unimaginable! And yet, we find our favorite idols busting a move on the stage day in and day out in these awesome heels! Let’s go through some of K-Pop’s best kill heel fashion! 

1. CL


Her love for fashion and kill heels is astounding to me! Always rocking the most fierce styles, CL’s futuristic heels are taking over the world one step at a time. The chunky chrome pointed heel is the highlight of this heel.

2. HyunA

Of course this fine diva needs a pair of kill heels to match. The heels are simplistic with its bright yellow design but the length is enough to knock anyone off their feet. Her sexy poses are only enhanced with heels this tall!

3. Lee Hyori 

Don’t be too taken aback by Lee Hyori’s sensual photoshoots. The highlight of this pictorial are the pretty in pink kill heels with a candy like design added to it. Her shoes are bedazzled and feature some fun vibrant colors.

4. Girls' Generation

No one can forget the icons of K-Pop. Known for wearing various styles over these years, their kill heels have always shined brightly on the stage. What is more eye-opening is the fact that the girls each rock their own unique pair of kill heels like in the photo above!


5. Dal Shabet

These ladies show off some leg in their sexy spiked heels. During their “Girl’s Be Ambitious” promotions, the message was clear as they went out of their comfort zone with some lengthy heels. They mastered balance as they show off their chic jet-black style in a unique way!

6. Nine Muses' Hyuna & Minha

Nine Muses Hyuna and Minha are rocking a set of heels that can’t be beat. Hyuna’s kill heel fashion offers more of a rugged appearance with its boot design during “Ticket” promotions, whereas Minha is a sultry lady in her shiny black spiked heels.

7. Steller Minhee

Member Minhee is more than stylish in her cutesy kill heels that many overlooked! The pattern is classic and adds some charm to her schoolgirl uniform. Don’t forget the size of her heels! She’s probably the tallest girl in school with those on.

8. Girl's Day Minah & Sojin

Minah is a queen in her royal blue heels! Simple and clean is the way that she’s making me feel after seeing her beautiful concept. The heels really bring out her slender legs! Sojin is daring and majestic in her thick leather kill heel that is complemented by her lace bodysuit. Both heels are perfect for exuding a jaw-dropping look.

9. Brown Eyed Girls' Gain

As expected, GaIn is boasting some real kill heels in this pictorial. What’s best about these heels are the long straps following up the leg. She has transformed into a gladiator of fashion!

10. RaNia's Tae & Di

RaNia are always pushing a sexy concept that overwhelms fans every time. This Maxim pictorial is no exception as members Tae and Di show off some sensual chemistry alongside their unique kill heel fashion. Tae’s pink straps are interchangeable for both sexy styles and charming outfits like Stellar’s Minhee’s outfit.

11. f(x)'s Krystal

Krystal is making me melt with her killer gaze, but what is even more deadly is her choice in kill heels. The revealing design elongates her pale legs and still bring some sex appeal to this popular piece.

12. Orange Caramel's NaNa

NaNa is quite the beauty with her outrageous looks and bold fashion sense. For her “Bangkok City” promotions, the ruby red cheetah strapped kill heel is perfect for a night at the club. Although, be sure you can dance in them first!

13. Bonus! TEEN TOP & 2AM's Jo Kwon

Don’t forget, some of our favorite male idols are rocking some crazy fashion heels! Teen Top are total cuties in their heels, but please take note that their heels aren’t a simple too inch. These heels show no mercy at a staggering 4 inch length! However, Jo Kwon is even more daring with his heel-less kill heel. Ladies, don’t try this at home because Jo Kwon is the master of kill heel fashion!