Why Is The Color Red So Appealing?

Why Is The Color Red So Appealing?

Why Is The Color Red So Appealing?

The color red defines the characteristics of energy, passion, and strength. Throughout history, red was used as a symbol of status and power. Kings, leaders, and ancient rulers often incorporated red into their garments to signify their importance. It is also one of the most common colors used by flags for many nations showing pride and honor. Even today, a red Ferrari for example, is iconic for both wealth and status. 

From a psychological standpoint, the color red is known to increase attractiveness for both sexes. According to National Institutes Of Health, for men, wearing red shows status and increases their attractiveness toward females. For females, a series of tests revealed that women found wearing red were rated much more attractive and desirable by men.

While the color does have its aesthetic merits, it seems its deep roots are mostly psychological. Our attractiveness to the color red happens at the subconscious level. So whether you know it or not, we're just naturally hardwired to find red appealing. 

So what can we take from this? Wear red! It's a great color that signifies warmth, passion, and strength. And who knows, maybe it'll help you find that special someone.

While we're on the subject of red, take a look at some of our favorite idols wearing... you guessed it, red!

EXID - Junghwa

EXO - Chanyeol



AOA - Seolhyun

EXO - Sehun

Red Velvet - Irene

SISTAR - Dasom


GOT7 - BamBam

Big Bang - T.O.P


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