The Top 10 Most Viewed Girl's Generation Videos As Of Today

The Top 10 Most Viewed Girl's Generation Videos As Of Today

The Top 10 Most Viewed Girl's Generation Videos As Of Today


10. Genie - 35 million views

Released in 2010, this video is iconic for their pilot costumes and will always be a classic Girls' Generation song. Pilots in high heels may be one of their best concepts to this date.

9. Paparazzi - 41 million views

The biggest casting job done for Girls' Generation, "Paparazzi" required a 120 staff members to cast over 300 extras for the filming. Five versions of this video were shot — the most in Girls' Generation history.

8. Galaxy Supernova - 42 million views

The high upbeat song was the eighth Japanese single released by Girls' Generation in 2013, shortly topping charts after its release. 

7. Mr. Mr. - 56 million views

"Mr. Mr" incorporates electronic pop with elements of R&B, creating an awesome dance track and a perfect party song we can jam to.

6. Run Devil Run - 75 million views

This song was presented to both Girls' Generation and Kesha — the former even creating a demo of the song. Girls' Generation decided to take the song and shortly after its release, topped the charts. 

5. Oh! - 89 million views

The bubbly cheerleader concept — one we've all grown to love. "Oh" became a huge hit and was the best selling single in 2010.

4. Mr. Taxi - 110 million views

"Mr. Taxi" was the first original Japanese single ever released by Girls' Generation. The song took off shortly after its release, taking the number one spot on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 for two consecutive weeks.

3. The Boys - 132 million views

The girls show off their powerful dance moves in this music video — reminding us that they're versatile in style and skill. This song was also released with an English version in the U.S. as their first single.

2. I Got A Boy - 152 million views

A funky, colorful video overflowing with energy, "I Got A Boy" incorporates elements of color-pop, electro-pop, and bits of rock — creating an explosive, fun music video. The video gained over 10 million views before its third day.

1. Gee - 154 million views

Unsurprisingly "Gee" takes the number one spot in most views. After its release in 2009, the song eventually set a record for being number one on KBS's Music Bank for nine consecutive weeks. It has already been 7 years since the release — and has become a classic for all of us to enjoy and remember.


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