12 Idol Fashionistas That You Need To Follow On Instagram

12 Idol Fashionistas That You Need To Follow On Instagram

12 Idol Fashionistas That You Need To Follow On Instagram

1. miss A - Jia

Jia may sometimes be overshadowed by her group members in terms of popularity — but no one even comes close to her sense of fashion. She's also hilarious!

Photo by @_ryanade_. #jiadiary

A photo posted by Mengjia (@mjbaby0203) on


2. Tao

Tao has been getting recognized worldwide for his fashion. And we understand why — hes a proven stylist and just a natural in front of the camera.


A photo posted by Z.TAO-黄子韬 (@hztttao) on


3. Girls' Generation - Taeyeon

Taeyeon is just too adorable for you to not follow on Instagram. The best part is, she's a frequent updater.

비가오려나 ☔️

A photo posted by TaeYeon (@taeyeon_ss) on


4. Jay Park

From messy to clean-cut, sweats to suits, Jay Park can pull it off. How do we know? We follow him on Instagram of course.


5. Lee Joo-Yeon

She used to be known for her fashion sense while she was in After School. Even after, her Instagram proves that she's still got it.

반지 팔찌 자랑

A photo posted by 이주연 (@jupppal) on


6. Big Bang - G-Dragon

It's probably not a surprise we included G-Dragon on this list. As one of the trendsetters in Korea, he has the ability to pull off any type of outfit.


A photo posted by G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) on


7. 4minute - HyunA

HyunA is one of those rare girls who can be both sexy and cute — depending on her current mood.

A photo posted by Hyun Ah (@hyunah_aa) on


8. 2NE1 - CL

CL's name is one of the best known in the fashion industry. Best part about CL is that she can pull off men's clothing better than most men we know.


A photo posted by CL (@chaelincl) on


9. Simon D

Simon D's urban fashion sense is probably one of the best in the industry. If you're looking for some streetwear inspiration, this is your man.

자세히 가려야 멋있다

A photo posted by Simon Dominic 쌈디 (@longlivesmdc) on


10. Jessica

Even after leaving Girls' Generation, Jessica never stopped showing off her love her fashion. Her outfits are always perfect — down to every small detail.

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon..??✌?️

A photo posted by Jessica Jung (@jessica.syj) on


11. SHINee - Key

 Key's fashion game has always been on point ever since we've known him. Men, take notes.

A photo posted by KEY (@bumkeyk) on


12. T-ara - Hyomin

 Hyomin is the definition of well-dressed. She just never ceases to amaze us with her sense of style. For females that are looking for inspiration, this is your girl.

Good morning☀️

A photo posted by HyoⓂ️in (@hyominnn) on


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