Seoul Street Style: Get Your Inspiration

Seoul Street Style: Get Your Inspiration

Welcome to the first edition of Seoul Street Style! Where we show you everyday people of Seoul who probably dress much better than the rest of us!

Ouch... Well then...

It's okay, let's take notes and be fashionable too. #optimism

But really, if you've ever visited this beautiful complex place of a city, the first thing you'll notice is how fashionable everyone is. You'll soon find yourself looking down at your outfit thinking: "I've been getting dressed in the dark my entire LIFE!

Here's a personal tip from myself: since Seoul is so fashion forward, looking at what they've been wearing will most definitely keep you trendy wherever you're located.

Check out a few of my picks below!

Seoul Street Style

casual look is key. The female above is wearing lose-fitting clothes that are matched in a way that makes her look chic and effortless. The next time you go shopping, look for a few basics like simple tees and pants that can be matched with anything.

Same concept with these two outfits in terms of looking effortless. You can make a seemingly ordinary outfit pop with a statement shirt that's bold in either color or design. 

Sportswear has been a trend in both male and female streetwear in Seoul. Although these pieces of clothing by itself don't seem too special, it truly is the way you pair the whole outfit. They look like K-pop idols, right?

Jay Park can dig it.

Now, there's something that I noticed... Black will never grow out of style. All black ensembles can make a strong fashion statement when done correctly. This couple above are wearing all black in a way that is nowhere near boring. Invest in some black pieces! You'll most likely keep them for years.

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