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For us, it's already common knowledge by now—the airport is the idols catwalk.

Be it smart casual, vintage, or flat-out avant-garde, airport fashion showcases the best of an idol’s personal style. Therefore it’s our choice—no, our duty—to select each of our favorite outfits.

Let’s start with the boys.

10. Chen at Gimpo International Airport.


Never underestimate the power of simplicity.

Chen looks breathtaking in this simple jacket and white shirt combination—the skinny jeans and stylish sunglasses providing the perfect final touch to a classic look.

09. Taeyong at Incheon International Airport.


Taeyong’s impeccable airport fashion sense makes it almost impossible to pick a single outfit—yet this one stands out.

The layered combination of light coat, navy striped shirt, and eggplant turtleneck is visually striking and awe-inspiring.

08. BamBam at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.


BamBam is a fashionista with eclectic tastes and an impeccable style.

Our favorite outfit has a dark palette that highlights the delicate details of his jacket. As a colorful point, he adds a lovely pair of rose-tinted glasses.

07. Jimin at Incheon International Airport.


Leather, flannel, and a beanie? If it’s Jimin, you bet it works!

Effortlessly casual and chic, the yellow touch of his flannel shirt highlights the dark of his leather jacket and skinny jeans. It’s no wonder this iconic outfit has become a fan-favorite.

06. SuHo at Incheon International Airport.


Let’s be real—there is no way these men can go wrong with turtlenecks, and SuHo is here to prove it.

A fan of classic looks, this outfit oozes elegance—particularly the navy coat, which suits his physique to a T.

05. B.I at Gimpo International Airport.


The pullover sweater + button-up shirt combination can easily make you look like a dad, but B.I reminds us why this mix is everlasting.

His psychedelic sweater is complemented by a gorgeous grey coat, giving the look a sophisticated, dandy-like vibe.

04. G-Dragon at Incheon International Airport.


G-Dragon is a well-known fashion icon, and he’s not afraid of taking risks.

Black and white stripes, coupled with blue flannel and a red leather jacket are honestly risky choices—yet he turned it into the trendiest outfit, and we can’t say he doesn’t make it work!

03. Sehun at Gimpo International Airport.


Sehun has redefined what it means to be “casual chic”—he makes all of his outfits look effortlessly stunning.

However, we prefer this outfit—he looks fantastic in this casual coat, and we are in love with his glasses!

02. Key at Incheon International Airport.


SHINee’s fashionista without a doubt, Key enjoys experimenting and rediscovering what fits his body structure.

In particular, this airport outfit brings a casual, rebel-like vibe that seems as natural as possible.

01. J-Hope at Incheon International Airport.


J-Hope is not conventional. He defines fashion by being innovative.

His baggy, “carefully disorderly” shirt is matched by the strategic paint stains in his pants, making his sunny, bright outfit an almost literal piece of art.

Love it? Hate it? It doesn’t matter—it didn’t leave anyone indifferent!

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