Check out some of the most EXPENSIVE luxury homes to live in Korea

Check out some of the most EXPENSIVE luxury homes to live in Korea

Check out some of the most EXPENSIVE luxury homes to live in Korea

The lavish luxury that only the selected few can afford is reflected in the beauty and complexity of the residences they own or rent. Nowhere this is more evident than in the expensive Seoul, where only millionaires and those with high-earning positions can enjoy places at the city's most exclusive spots.

If you’re interested and can afford it, make sure to take a look at the most luxurious places to live in Seoul—all listed for your convenience.

1. Purchase an exclusive apartment in the Seoul Forest Trimage towers

Price: ₩3.2 billion. ($2.7 million.)

Located in an exclusive neighborhood by the Seoul Forest in Seongdong-gu, this apartment complex is on its way to becoming the most sought-after location for the rich and famous—including K-Pop superstars Jungkook and J-Hope.


2. Rent a luxurious house in Pyeongchang-dong

Monthly rent: ₩15,000,000 ($15,000).

Pyeongchang boasts of a distinct glamorous vibe thanks to its famous neighborhoods and the recurrent film and TV crews. The suburban-style of this spacious house is suited for those that prefer to relax alongside a beautiful garden and a breathtaking view.


3. Enjoy Gangnam extravagance in Daechi-dong.

Price: ₩2.8 billion. ($2.4 million.)

This gorgeous apartment is located within Daechi-dong, one of the most affluent residential neighborhoods within Gangnam. Its fully furnished 158 m2 enjoy a privileged location and a gorgeous view—all within walking distance of Apgujeong-dong, the shopping district per-excellence.


4. Rent a breathtaking villa in Itaewon

Monthly rent: ₩12,000,000 ($12,000).

Itaewon is an upscale place to live in, as it is the location of seven of the country’s top ten most expensive houses. This low rise villa enjoys upscale furniture and decoration, a lovely terrace, a garden, and a privileged location that puts you at the heart of Seoul.


5. Purchase an exclusive unit apartment in Lotte Castle Gold at Sincheon-dong

Price: ₩2.8 billion. ($1.98 million.)

Sincheon-dong is part of the Great Gangnam—instantaneously making it one of the most exclusive neighbors. The Lotte Castle Gold buildings enjoy a luxurious reputation due to their beautiful structure and high-class unit apartments.



6. Live around celebrities within the exclusive UN Village in Hannam-dong

Monthly rent: ₩12,000,000 ($12,000).

Hannam-dong is a popular residential area for celebrities and high-ranking executives. This beautiful villa of 347m2 is fully furnished, has a terrace with breath-taking views, and is located at the heart of one of Seoul’s most exclusive neighborhoods.


Monthly rent: ₩12,000,000 ($12,000)

Known for its quiet atmosphere, prominent neighbors and privileged positioning, Seongbuk-dong is an area favored by the wealthy. The quiet neighborhood, as well as the large size of the property, make it an ideal family residence.


08. Purchase a deluxe apartment in the highest building in South Korea

Price: ₩4.7 billion. ($4 million.)

The Lotte World Tower, finished in 2017, is South Korea’s highest building. It features the exclusive Signiel Residences—a high-class complex that provides the benefits and luxury only the richest can afford. 

Other than your beautiful property, you also get access to a pool, recreation facilities, massage parlors, sauna, gym, amongst other exclusivities.