Ways K-Pop will Dominate the Olympics

Ways K-Pop will Dominate the Olympics

Ways K-Pop will Dominate the Olympics

With the '2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics' officially launching on February 9 KST, many K-Pop fans are anticipating grandiose performances by their favorite idol stars.

Marking the second time that South Korea will be hosting the Olympics since 1988, it seems most of the attention will be on K-Pop culture this time in addition to demonstrating how advanced the country has become over the years.  

Here are the many ways K-Pop will dominate the Winter Games!

1. Fancy Performances

Apart from the various sports competitions, we all know that deep inside a true K-Pop fan is eagerly waiting to see their favorite K-Pop idols perform on stage.  They will be loads of live performances throughout the Olympics, including EXO and CL at the closing ceremony! Fans will also get to see celebs currently serving in the ROK army, such as 2PM's Taecyeon, ZE:A's Siwan and more on stage!


2. Torch Relay 

Starting from November of last year, numerous actors and K-Pop stars took part in the torch relay session having the opportunity to run the streets, proudly holding up the flaming torch in hand.  MAMAMOOPark Bo GumGirl's Day and others joined to participate in the event.


3. The Epic National Anthem performance


EXO member Baekhyun sang Korea's National Anthem at the opening ceremony of the IOC general assembly, gaining much spotlight, representing his nation with pride.


4. Idol Meet and Greet (West meets East)

The Olympics will also be a great opportunity for Western artists to meet with K-Pop artists and interact; spreading the K-Pop culture. Norwegian musician, Dagny is currently traveling in Korea when she bumped into Oh My Girl! Can fans hope for more lit collabs in the future? It's highly possible!


5. Idols showing support for Athletic Stars 

Many idols also happen to be competitive in sports, as seen in 'Idol Star Athletics Championship' for example.  With Coca-Cola being the official sponsor of the Olympics, actor Park Bo Gum, figure skater Kim Yuna and others showed support for the winter games, involved in various campaign ads and promotions.


6. Olympic Theme Song

Big Bang's Taeyang was selected as an honorary ambassador for the Winter Games and also wrote an energetic theme song for everyone to enjoy. Can't wait to see the audience all pumped up, chanting in unison!


7. Idols invited to exclusive dinners and galas

Gearing up for the major event, idols were invited to exclusive dinners and galas in order to represent K-Pop.  For instance, VIXX members were spotted at an IOC dinner.  Girl group AOA also met with South Korean president Moon Jae In at an Olympic Zone experience in Indonesia.


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What are you looking forward to the most at this year's winter games?