Why 'Bad Boy' is my favorite Red Velvet song

Why 'Bad Boy' is my favorite Red Velvet song

Why 'Bad Boy' is my favorite Red Velvet song

Rolling out another hit track "Bad Boy" from their 2nd repackage album 'The Perfect Red Velvet', the popular SM idol group Red Velvet has struck gold once again!

Featuring a spunky sound, the members moved away from their girly image to a more mature/sexy concept for their latest comeback.



The official music video is also something to rave about, which consists of reoccurring motifs, vibrant colors, a rainbowed unicorn, paint splattering everywhere and popping music/catchy lyrics.

"Bad Boy" really sets the tone presenting a retro feel as the girls rock out in hipster outfits, including scandalous fishnet stockings, denim wear, and chic black apparel.  It's almost as if the girls came straight out from a 60s movie! 

A key element placed throughout the MV is the French phrase "Ceci n'est pas de la lèvre" which translates to "this is not a lip".  

Here’s a little trivia every ReVeluv should know! Saying goes that the sensual line is actually a reference to Surrealist painter Rene Magritte’s work ‘The Treachery of Images’ which consisted of a pipe and the text ‘Ceci n'est pas une pipe’ meaning "this is a pipe." Oh the irony! Now that's what I call avant-garde!

With that being said, make every ‘bad boy’ head turn with AKP’s newly inspired tees by Red Velvet!


The bold animated font for 'Bad Boy' inspired by vintage comics is persuasive enough; emphasizing on a classic tale.


Why not express your artsy side, Velvet style?